Regulations are absolutely imperative

Regulations signs © RNN St Denis du Payré
Placed on the borders of the reserve, these signs remind the general public of the applicable regulations.

There are nearly 300 national or regional nature reserves in France. Like each and every one of these, specific regulations apply to the reserve in Saint-Denis-du-Payré. Even if this legislation may seem quite restrictive, it is necessary in order to ensure the sustainability of this area and of its flora and fauna.

The Ministerial Decree for the creation of the national nature reserve on the communal marshlands of Saint-Denis-du-Payré stipulates that the following are prohibited, amongst others:

  • access (outside the opening hours and periods),
  • hunting, fishing and gathering,
  • camping and bivouacking,
  • driving or parking motor vehicles (except in the car park),
  • flying over at less than 300m,
  • introduction of domestic animals (except herds used for farming purposes),
  • dumping waste,
  • the use of any loud instrument which may disturb the peace and quiet of the surroundings...

Finally, as the French Environment Code states, the nature wardens of the reserve are commissioned and approved members of staff. They are therefore authorised to report violations committed on the site and to draw up an official report if necessary. They are assisted in this task by agents from the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency, who jointly manage the reserve.